Rosette Mini

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Rosette mini™ is a canopy cord set of 1, 3 or 5 G4 sockets, allowing you to create lively clusters in combination with our new Forget Me Not™ lampshade. The lampshade and canopies are sold separately enabling you to exchange for another lampshade or size over time – not being limited by trends coming and going.

The Rosette mini™ includes a white diffuser cap, that together with our new G4-suitable Idea™ bulb will ensure a glare-free illumination.

Cluster canopy hooks are included, to ensure a flexible spacing between each lampshade.

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Recomended bulb Idea LED 2W G4 4187
Rosette mini ø: 10 cm
Rosette mini cluster 3 ø: 20 cm
Rosette mini cluster 5 ø: 20 cm
Metal canopy