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From the depths of the oceans to the bustling city, passing through the enchanting forests, all in one eclectic product. With its characteristic leaves made... 
ColourBrushed brass
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"Imagine if flowers could light up. They would create the most playful dancing shadows, spinning around making everything come to life! Aluvia embodies just that - nature's magic in your home"

Technical Details

Flip 180°

This product can be flipped 180°, to change the direction of light and visual expression


This lampshade can be used as a floor-, table- and pendant lamp.


This lampshade is durable and made of high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years.

Assembly time

20 min Assembly video


Aluvia medium: Ø: 59 cm x H: 48 cm
Aluvia mini: Ø: 40 cm x H: 30 cm


Aluvia medium: 1.97 kg
Aluvia mini: 0.72 kg


Aluminium, polypropylene and polycarbonate

Additional information

Pendant, floor and table lampshade
Compatible with E26 / E27

Technical drawing of Aluvia

Cords & Stands

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Cannonball Canopy E27

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