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Polyester upholstery for furniture offers a compelling blend of durability, easy maintenance, resistance to fading, comfort, and environmental considerations. Its robust nature ensures furniture retains its shape even with regular use, while its stain-resistant properties make upkeep a breeze. Additionally, treated to resist fading, polyester fabrics remain vibrant in rooms with ample sunlight. Despite being synthetic, polyester can provide comfortable seating, especially when paired with quality cushioning materials. Advancements in eco-friendly practices, including recycled polyester options like our Horizons textile, contribute to reducing its environmental impact, aligning with sustainable furniture choices.


100% Recycled Textile

Inspired by the world's need for change and to reduce the impact of our activities on the planet, Horizons 100% recycled textiles help reduce plastic pollution by transforming single-use plastics into comfortable chairs and elegant storage solutions. Follow the process below.

Did You Know?

Humans use around 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute. The energy required to produce and transport plastic bottles could fuel approximately 1.5 million cars for a year. Yet we only manage to recycle 25% of plastic bottles - the rest end up in landfills, as roadside litter and polluting the oceans.

By collecting single-use plastic from nature, the waste can be recycled for a new purpose. The Horizons textiles from UMAGE are made from 100% recycled polyester - reducing plastic waste and making the most of something that would otherwise end up harming the planet.

From Plastic Waste To Plastic Flakes

It takes nature around 450 years to break down a single plastic bottle. When plastic breaks down, it turns into microplastics that end up in the ocean. If plastic is collected and recycled, we minimise plastic pollution and create something new from all the plastic that is already available.

After collecting plastic bottles and other single-use plastic waste, the plastic is cleaned, sorted, ground and turned into plastic flakes.

From Plastic Flakes To Durable Materials

Using technology, the plastic flakes made from the plastic waste can be turned into polyester yarn, which is used to make soft, durable and 100% recycled polyester textiles.

Studies show that the production of recycled polyester uses 2/3 less energy and almost 90% less water than the production of virgin polyester.

As well as being better for the environment, the yarn and the textiles made from the yarn are also highly durable - further extending the lifespan of the design.