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Leather upholstery for furniture embodies a fusion of timeless elegance, durability, low maintenance, and comfort. Renowned for its enduring quality, leather furniture maintains its allure even with regular use, showcasing resilience against wear and tear. Its inherent resistance to staining and easy cleaning regimen simplify upkeep, ensuring furniture remains pristine. The natural patina of leather develops over time and adds character and charm. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, leather provides unparalleled comfort, conforming to body contours for a luxurious seating experience. Additionally, leather's longevity aligns with conscientious consumer choices for sustainable living. At UMAGE we offer different leather options for our lounge furniture and all types are carefully selected to last a lifetime, embracing the oak frame of the lounge furniture while also taking our environmental responsibility in consideration.


The OEKO-TEX-certified Hope collection is meticulously crafted with a deep commitment to elegance and environmental consciousness. The Hope leather is a high-quality, semi-aniline leather that exudes a harmonious and warm aura, perfectly suited for lounge furniture. The leather's lightly buffed finish delicately preserves the natural grain, resulting in an elegant, matte, and subtly textured surface. This careful buffing ensures high durability, making it an excellent choice for places where life is lived.

Available in three nature inspired colours; black, brown, and cognac - the Hope leather collection effortlessly brings a touch of sophistication into any interior space and perfectly blends with the colours of the oak from the lounge chairs.
The three leathers are made-to-order and are available for all pieces of the A Conversation Piece and The Reader collection.

Chrome-free tanning

The tannage of the Hope leather is chrome-free, ensuring a process that benefits both you and the planet. Crafted without using chromium during the tanning process, the Hope leather is a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional chrome leather. By eliminating harmful chemicals, we not only reduce environmental impact but also offer a safer, more sustainable option. Chrome-free leather production means less pollution, cleaner waste streams, and improved biodegradability.


Our Hope leather is certified with OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD. The LEATHER STANDARD label guarantees that the Hope leather undergoes rigorous testing and ensures that no substances that are harmful to health or the environment are being used – always meeting the highest standard. The LEATHER STANDARD test criteria are standardised worldwide and are updated annually to include new legal requirements or scientific discoveries.


The Dunes collection from Sørensen Leather is a part of our permanent upholstery collection for our lounge chairs and ottomans.

Dunes is an exclusive Aniline leather with a natural, raw look and a sublime, almost velvety tactile feel. Achieved via a process of sanding and applying a special type of wax to the surface. At the same time, Dunes boasts a matt look that’s
raw with a touch of understated elegance.

Part of the charm of the Dunes leather is the natural markings which bring a unique personality to each hide. Colour tones will also vary from hide to hide and within each individual hide. Beautiful patina will appear over time as a result of the leather’s usage, exposure to daylight and interior lighting. With use, the leather will become shinier and smoother over time.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Dunes collection has received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel: A highly-respected certification verifying that it meets their rigorous requirements regarding the environment, use of energy and resources.

Nordic Ecolabelling works to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods with the aid of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo, making it easier for consumers to choose the environmentally best goods. The Nordic Swan Ecolab sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product’s life cycle and strict requirements for chemicals used in eco-labeled products.